I couldn’t do this without him…

You guys… I seriously have the best husband in the world 🌎 He just took both kids to see Solo (which I’m sure you can all understand how daunting of a task that can be with two ASD/ADHD kiddos 💙💙) and is going to the grocery store for a couple of things too. 😍 I am drinking coffee (in silence!) and lesson planning for our upcoming week 😊🤗 It’s amazing. He’s amazing.

Here’s a pic of my amazing husband and I last night at our nephew’s high school graduation! We got married when he was 4! We’re officially old now lol! Fun Fact- It was 105 degrees outside and the ceremony was outdoors! We were so grateful for my amazing in-laws for keeping the kids overnight so they didn’t have to sit through the heat and we could enjoy the ceremony! They are definitely where my hubby gets his amazing qualities from 💙💙

I just had to share my Saturday morning with you! Now you share yours with me! What are you doing today? How amazing is someone in your life? I’d love to hear!


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