First Day of School!

I’m officially a crazy person. While everyone in our surrounding area was celebrating the last days and weeks of their 2017/2018 school year yesterday, my kids and I were kicking off a brand new school year! I can’t believe I have an 8th grader and a 4th grader now! My Instagram and Facebook feeds are loaded with friends’ kids celebrating the end of another year in public school with awards ceremonies and events. I love seeing them all and their accomplishments, but I do have a little secret. I am so glad we don’t have to go to these events anymore. I really am. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of homeschooling. While they’re busy winding down their schedules, I’m just getting back into our homeschooling routine! Here’s how our first day went!

We started off our day with a mile long walk. This was the first big change in our daily schedule. Any Autism parent can tell you, change is not always a good thing. This change, in particular, was not exactly welcomed warmly by either kid, but they were able to adjust to it and off we went. It took about half an hour, and it felt so good. I’m trying to make a habit for my kids and myself to be more active, so I feel like this was a good start. PE-CHECK!

After our walk, we came home to water our garden. I’m still shocked that I haven’t killed our plants yet. Look at these babies!

We spent a few minutes tending to our plants, then headed in to get started with our work. SCIENCE- CHECK!

We started off our inside work with another change in routine. Something I’ve decided to do this year is start our day off with a game. Yesterday was Addition War, today is going to be Yahtzee! Games are a fun and exciting way to learn, and I’m hoping it will give us a positive vibe to start our work. It did yesterday, so here’s hoping it continues! Do you play games in your homeschool? If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

After our game, we did our journaling. Every day I give them a journal topic and 5 minutes to either draw or describe it in their journal. I set a big visual timer up so that both kids can see it. I don’t count off for spelling or grammar mistakes in their journals. These are only tools for them to release their thoughts and expressions. Yesterday’s journal topic was: What is your Favorite Family Activity? Andrew chose looking at animals and Madisyn chose Playing games together. I love how sweet they are.

After journaling, I read aloud to them. I am a HUGE fan and advocate for reading aloud to your kids. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do with my kids. Our first book of the year is The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I read Chapter One, and they loved it. We can’t wait to get back into it today!

Our next subject was Art! Yesterday we focused on Culinary Arts and Creative Arts. For Culinary Art, we reviewed key terms in cooking, ingredients to keep in stock and grocery shopping tips. Both of the kids loved this class. We incorporated Creative Art into the Culinary Art class by working on a lapbook! I’m very new to lap books, and thought it would be fun to try with this more relaxed unit. I like the artsy side of the note taking process, and the kids enjoyed it also.

History was the last, and favorite, subject of the day. We are starting our school year in Ancient Rome! We studied Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece last year, and have been anxiously awaiting our Roman adventure! The legend of Romulus and Remus was a great way to start! We are huge mythology fans, and it’s always easier to grip their attention for lessons when they’re having fun!

I’m so excited about our 2018/2019 school year and the changes we’ve made to our schedule and subjects. This year our subjects are: Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Reading, Latin, Arts, and Computer Skills and Coding. We don’t do every subject every day, and we don’t have to. One of the best things about homeschooling is the freedom to explore anything that interests us as much as we want! You can never learn too much about anything! And usually, I can incorporate more than one subject into a Unit of Study! It’s a fun and challenging way to keep our homeschool interesting and thriving.

I’ll update more on our homeschooling adventures as our year progresses! Thanks for taking the time to join our first day adventure!


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