Accountability Follow Up

Shocker of the year- I suck at this. I did ok for the meal planning and gardening, but totally sucked at the art projects and Homeschool goals. Ugh. Why am I such a failure?? Does anyone have any good apps or other suggestions? I’m 100% sure that I have untreated ADHD and I’m sure that contributes largely to my inadequacies, but I don’t want it to be a cop out. I’m tired of that being my excuse for everything. I need help. I hate feeling like I’m not ever going to have my shit together. I can see improvements I’ve made over the years, but can also see how much work there is to do. Maybe I should start smaller? Master one thing at a time. Housekeeping, health care, homeschooling… – where do I start? They’re all important things to maintain, but the mere thought of getting organized overwhelms me. I feel so alone with this. My husband is very organized and disciplined and exercises regularly, and I wish it didn’t exhaust me to even think about keeping up with him. I know there are a lot of us special needs parents who battle demons like these. I also know that there’s not a single cure-all that will magically arrange my life perfectly. I don’t know what I need, but I need to try to find it. Can anyone relate to this?


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