Is there a Facebook group for that?

Is there a Facebook support group out there for bloggers with ADHD? I need that one to exist. I swear, I’m in every other kind of Facebook support group – Autism Parents, Aspergers Parents, Homeschooling Parents, Homeschooling Autism Parents, Homeschooling Texas Autism Parents, etc. What did people do before technology gave us the opportunity to reach out to others like never before? How were the murky waters of parenting navigated without input from complete strangers? I’m not entirely sure how, but I am sure that I don’t want to know.

It’s amazing how many support groups you can find online for things you never knew you would need. Anything from Keto dieting to special needs parenting groups, all available at the click of your fingers. In all corners of the internet, people extend help to each other and support strangers in instances they thought they were dealing with alone. The support and help you can find can be amazing.

But, it is the internet, so you will most definitely find some people and comments that make you question the future of our society as a whole. Some people are just out in the cyber space world to make others miserable. I honestly do not understand it. When I choose a Facebook group to join, it’s because I’m looking for suggestions or feel like I have something to offer. Others do not always do this. Who has time for that? Who has time to purposely cause drama with strangers or to troll entire groups of people just for a reaction? I’m honestly confused about the whole thing. I understand that people have differences in opinions, but when did it become so prevalent in society to think that yours is more important that everyone else’s? I am a huge fan of scrolling on when I see an opinion or something that I don’t agree with. I am not so much a fan of arguing for the sake of seeing my notifications blow up or convincing a complete stranger why I have the opinions I have.

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t like the drama that many of the groups thrive on, but I find myself staying in them anyways. Why? I stay in the groups because I live in a place without many available resources for people who have similar circumstances, like having Autistic kids or homeschooling. The online groups help me find people to relate to without having to actually attempt to form a relationship in the real world. I’d like to think that any other Autism parent would tell you, it’s really hard to make new friends. I know that’s not the case for all of us, but for those of us that it does apply to, it sucks. People who don’t have kids with special needs don’t always get why it’s hard for you to go out or plan play dates, or the food struggles and the sleep battles that are beating you down day after day. Online groups of people specifically struggling with the same issues you are can be such a peace of mind. It’s incredibly isolating already to be a special needs mom of any kind, so it can be really nice to be able to forge a friendship with a few clicks of a button and find a few groups of like-minded people. Some of the best people I’ve had the honor of speaking with are a direct result of a Facebook group. I have more friends from Facebook groups than I do in real life. Is there a group for that? Is that sad, or is it the way human interactions are heading?

Are you in any Facebook groups? Do you think they are helpful or just more drama to deal with? Let me know!


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